SQL Server Events

Below are a list of sessions and locations they were presented at:

T-SQL: Simple Changes That Go a Long Way

Writing TSQL that performs well requires knowledge beyond proper syntax, sometimes it requires more than just knowing TSQL, and sometimes it takes a bit of rework and ingenuity. There are simple things that you will learn in this session that will improve the performance of your queries. Learn about indexing techniques and reading execution plans to see if the optimizer is using the index. Performance isn’t everything though. There are small things you can do to make your TSQL more maintainable too. We will dive into a few TSQL tricks with Common Table Expressions, Table-Valued Parameters, and COALESCE.

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Rules of Engagement: NoSQL is SQL Servers Ally

When should you favor a NoSQL store over SQL Server, or consider polyglot persistence? In military and police operations, the rules of engagement determine when, where, and how force shall be used. As the “data police”, we are responsible for determining when, where, and how data is stored. As SQL Server professionals, it tends to be our first choice, even when there are other data storage options that are a ‘more natural’ fit. In this session, Rick and Dave will start with the NoSQL basics, and then dive into the different categories of NoSQL stores while explaining what each type is well suited for

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Freaky Fast Database Development Tips

Join Rick and Dave on this most excellent adventure as they teach you how to get more work done in less time. Leave your checkbook at home, because this is all about maximum productivity with minimum budget. Leave with Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio shortcut keys, extensions, and add-ins. We guarantee you will see something you haven’t seen before, or your money back. Co-Presenter: Rick Krueger (@DataOgre)

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Reporting on Reports

Business Intelligence gets a lot of press these days, but do you often wonder to yourself as you are writing a report, ‘Who is going to use this’? Learn about the rich information that SSRS is already capturing for you about your reports: who is running them and how often, how long do they take to execute, how much time is spent in data retrieval vs rendering, which parameters were passed in, and more…

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